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GG for Miya: How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends

How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends - Miya in MLBB is a hero that is easy to use and can be really sick if you know how to use it, but for beginners it will be very difficult to control this hero on mobile legends. Well, on this occasion the admin shares how to use Miya's hero for beginners.

Miya is known as a Hero archer who is quite GG at push rank. Not only good at archery, this hero also hurts a lot if the build items are combined with the right skills.

Build Hero Miya Mobile Legends

The following is a build of MLBB miya hero items that you can try the first time you play mobile legends.

1. Build Item Push

GG for Miya: How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends

Build items for Hero Miya is very simple, because you can use simple mode so you don't need a lot of modifications. In order for Hero Miya's damage to hurt more, you can replace the Rose Gold Meteor which is the last item with Blade of Despair.

Items that are very good for helping Hero Miya in enemy push turrets are Windtalker and Malefic Roar. Meanwhile, Haas's Claw items and others will be useful if they have entered the late game.

If you feel at risk, you can buy items that focus on damage only, so you can still use Rose Gold Meteor instead of Blade of Despair. And another important thing, you don't pay too much attention to items that can increase attack speed, such as the Scarlet Phantom and the Demon Hunter Sword. Because Hero Miya can also attack lightning fast with passive skills (Turbo) and Windtalker items. 

2. Jungling or Push?

GG for Miya: How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends

Hero Miya is an easy-to-use Marksman , because Miya MLBB can be used for jungling or push. Miya can be used to push on a gold lane accompanied by a tank, when you push use a batle spell inspire, besides that her hero can also take a buff first to speed up the activation of ultimate skills and don't forget to use battle spell retribution if you aim for jangling before the war.

Unfortunately, even though Hero Miya has great damage, she has low HP so you have to pay close attention to the early game moments. Miya will be safe if side by side with a tank.

3. Push Focus to One Lane

GG for Miya: How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends

Hero Miya would be better off if you focus on just one lane, namely the gold lane, so you can destroy the turret little by little until it penetrates the opponent's final turret. Don't forget to spend the minions and the occasional jungle so you don't run out of mana.

However, if there are tanks like Balmond, Franco and Hilda, you should either follow them or cooperate with them.

4. Potential Carry

GG for Miya: How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends

In the middle of the game, Hero Miya will be more damaging and will contribute a lot in war or solo kills when using a battle spell inspire. When entering the late game or the end of the match, Miya will be very GG and have the potential to become a carry or carry a teammate.

5. Skill Rain of Arrows + Battle Spell Inspire

GG for Miya: How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends
Hero Miya has an attack speed and skill combination that is GG if you can use it. The very painful combination is skill 2 + Battle Spell Inspire, then this can be followed by skill 1. The combination of skills will make Hero Miya GG.

6. Ultimate Skill, Save for Dangerous Situations

GG for Miya: How to Use Hero Miya Mobile Legends

Hero Miya has an ultimate skill that is quite unique, because this skill can not only be used to increase speed when attacking opponents, the three hero skills can also be used to escape from dangerous situations.

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For beginners, Miya's ultimate skill should be saved first as the last step to save yourself from enemy attacks. Her three hero skills have a stealth effect and increase movement speed with a duration of 1.5 seconds, this skill has the same effect as the Purify battle spell, which cancels the enemy crowd control effect. So that it will be more effective if used for defensive purposes than attacking the opponent.

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