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How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends

How to use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends is not much different from using other marksman. Hanabi, who is considered soft by most MLBB players, does seem weak in terms of both attack and defense.

Luckily, even though Hanabi is not considered good enough among other marksman, Hanabi is still being used by some Mobile Legends players. This is because Hanabi has a lifesteal ability that can be used as the main weapon. This skill is able to make Hanabi survive in fierce battles.

In addition, Hanabi is very useful in group battles, because her Ultimate Skill can lock down opponents and is effective in team fights.

How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends

For those of you who are curious about how to use Hanabi for maximum pain, you can follow the following method so that you can GG when playing with your team.

1. Build the Correct Item

How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends
Selection of the right item will determine Hanabi's strength. Choosing the correct Hanabi item will increase the marksman's performance during battle. In the early game, Hanabi's performance was less painful. In order for Hanabi to be fast, you have to attack lots of minions and take buffs. Build the correct Hanabi item in the early game, first between Scarlet Phantom, Demon Hunter Sword, Berserker's Fury, or even Blade of Despair.

Furthermore, Hanabi needs shoe items to increase her mobility. Choose between Swift Boots to increase attack speed or you can also choose Boots of Tranquility shoe items to increase Hanabi's mana regen. Other build items that support Hanabi's performance in the late game are Rose Gold Meteor and lifesteal. 

2. Battle Spells Flicker

battle flicker How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends
Hanabi is often an easy target for opponents, therefore Hanabi needs Flicker to avoid opponent attacks. However, if you are used to using Hanabi and can place the position as a marksman, there is nothing wrong with choosing Inspire to increase its attack performance.

3. Jungling vs Laning

Jungling How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends

To raise the level, Hanabi must be jungling so that it becomes fast. Unfortunately, jungling alone will be very risky for Hanabi, the absence of mobility skills makes Hanabi vulnerable to being ambushed by enemies who are also jungling. Hanabi is able to jungling by herself in the early game if you use battle spell retribution, but if you are a beginner, you shouldn't do this. You can use Flicker to prepare to escape from precarious situations.

If you use flicker, you have to start by cleaning the minions on the lane so that the level quickly rises, then if you are at level 3 you can start jungling yourself.

4. Take advantage of Skill 1 for Laning

Laning How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends
Hanabi needs to activate the skill one time laning, this skill can bounce towards the enemy. However, you cannot continue to activate skill 1 because it is wasteful. The reflection of the attack from Hanabi makes it faster to spend minions on the lane. When using skill one, you can also direct it to your opponent to get a lifesteal effect of 7% which continuously increases 3% for each skill level. With a maximum lifesteal level, Hanabi can reach 22% with only skill 1 especially supported by lifesteal items such as Haas's Claw or Endless Battle.

5. Skill 2 Hanabi

Skill 2 How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends
Hanabi's 2nd skill is very unique, this skill can inflict damage on opponents while giving Hanabi's mana regeneration. In order to be able to regenari where, when using this skill you have to be right on target.

In addition, Hanabi's second skill also has a slow effect like skill three that locks the opponent in battle.

6. Ulti Skill and Team Fight

Ulti How to Use Maximum Pain Hanabi in Mobile Legends

Higanbana Hanabi's ulti skill is very useful in team fights, with the Higanbana Hanabi locked the team just adds an attack to paralyze the opponent. To get a combination of skills, you can initiate the Ulti skill attack. Next, you use skill one with the help of the team when you kill your opponent.

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That was how to use the correct Hanabi so that this marksman can get the maximum pain in the late game. If this article is found useful, please share it by clicking the share button below this article.

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